Saturday, November 8, 2014

Movie Review: John Wick

"People keep asking me if I'm back, yeah I'm thinking I'm back"
Shit happens and when it rains it pours, this is the case for John Wick, his wife dies, he gets a puppy, he gets knocked the fuck out in his house at night during a home invasion, his puppy is killed, his sweet 69 Mustang Mach 1 gets stolen.
I'm gonna be honest, there isn't much most women will find entertaining about this movie John Wick is 100% testosterone, from the cars, the music, the women (yeah I'm lookin at you Ms Perkins) to the gun fight in the club! That scene in the club could've felt long and overdrawn but didn't the pace was just right and the way they edited the action to the music was perfect!
Michael Nyqvist was fantastic and oozed confidence till the end I loved the scene where he explains to his son who John Wick is, and again the editing between that scene and Keanu "digging up his past" was perfectly done...."that fuckin nobody is John Wick" "He's the one you send to kill the fucking boogey man".
That scene could've come across so cheesy and roll your eyes bad but Nyqvist knocked it out of the park with utter believeability.

The idea of a hotel that caters to assassins and is where they congregate during jobs or between was a refreshing idea.
All in all I think John Wick has potential for growth similar to Jason Bourne, It would've been cool if they were able to put some cameo's in the continental such as Mat Damon, Daniel Craig, Robert DeNiro (Ronin), etc.

Lets not forget Keanu was Neo and Neo was the fucking man in the Matrix trilogy even when Reloaded and Revolutions didn't live up to expectations.  Keanu has not been on his A game since the Matrix trilogy but this movie should give his career a boost of momentum. And for the record I enjoyed 47 Ronin I think Keanu was a terrific Jedi Master Kai.....