Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 3 Favorite Video Game Cut Scenes of All Time

There are many nay sayers out there that think video games are childs play....looks at my wife. I was recently asked what my all time favorite video game cutscene was....I couldn't give one I gave 3 plus an honorable mention. Here are my top 3 favorite video game cutscenes! There are so many scenes from Final Fantasy X to choose from I choose this one because it literally floored me with it's sheer beauty but I could've easily choosen the final cutscene as that scene really was so full of emotion that it rivaled many Hollywood movies. My second choice is for the same reason, Valkyria Chronicals art style was so unique and so beautiful, it's a shame this title flew under most gamers radar, VC is another emotionally charged game like FFX. My #3 choice is one of the final scenes from Snake Eater, the best game in the MGS series in my opinion, it's scenes like the three I've chosen that make me a believer that the video game industry has the potential to surpass MOST of the crap that is coming from Hollywood these days.
So those are mine what are your's?




Honorable Mention: