Friday, January 6, 2012

Free Swims 12 games for 2012

  2012 has alot of promising games coming and I'm hoping the Mayans just got lazy. Below is my list of  most anticipated games for the year, Some people will call me insane with the order, putting SSX ahead of ME3, and Twisted Metal above GTA V! Don't get me wrong Mass Effect 2 was awesome but I've been hoping and waiting for a good successor to SSX3 forever!!! Same goes for Twisted Metal, I enjoyed TMB but the ad hoc multiplayer was too little too late on the PS2, and to be honest I despised GTA IV so I'm keeping my expectations in check with GTA V. So without further ado here is my list of "Day 1 purchases" for 2012.

#1 I've been waiting 9 years for a new SSX that is a worthy successor to SSX3, I hope this is it! I've been following this game very closely since it was announced and we are now 54 days from launch! My only concern is I haven't seen any half pipes, bleachers, fireworks, or life other than the SSX crew in any of the video's Batty and EA have released thus far.
I only have 2 requests Allegra & DJ Atomica, now!

#2 on my list is Mass Effect 3, I loved ME2 and wish that the original could somehow be made available on the PS3. Regardless whether Bioware adds multiplayer or not this is a definate must have day 1 title.

#3 is on my list is one of the Playstation's longest running franchises, Twisted Metal!
TMB rescued the franchise on the PS2, the game was solid and as a fan myself really took the car combat genre and made it serious...although I missed blowing up the Eiffel Tower...
The multiplayer looks like a it will be a significant aspect of the game much like some major FPS out there. I just hope the single player experience isn't left on the sidelines.

I put the PS Vita launch title Gravity Daze at #4, above many "S rank" titles like Final Fantasy XIII-2, GTA V and Tomb Raider first and foremost because it's a completely new IP and the game's visuals and incorporation of the Vita's tech really make's this title unique and in my opinion the best reason to buy a Vita at launch.

In the #5 spot in my list is Street Fighter X Tekken, I'm still actively playing SSFIV AE 2012, and I can't seem to break my hypenosis with Capcom's fighting games...SXT could slip lower on my list due to a few things lingering in the back of my mind, first is how long after SXT releases will the "Super" / "ultimate" edition be announced? And WTF is up with those dam gems! Gems are for N00Bs!

#6 on my list is FFXIII-2, Unlike most major game sites I didn't have a problem with FFXIII's linear game play for two reasons; it re-emphasized the story line of a group trying to make their own fate vs a predetermined life...even though up to the very end of the story it was all pre destined anyway. It wasn't until they defeat Barthandelus and Orphan they they gain the freedom to forge their own fate. And I think Square Enix wanted to keep the storyline in check after the problems FFXII ran into mid development.
I loved FFX but never picked up FFX-2, I look at FFXIII-2 as Square apologizing and saying "look we can do a better job"....I wish Vs XIII would finally be announced!

#7 on my list is GTA V, As mentioned already I'm keeping my expectations in check due to my experience with GTA IV. I remember how hyped I was with all the coverage from the different gaming sites and then I met Niko Belic and his cousin Roman...meh

Some Franchises get the "reimagined" treatment and don't need it and are thus rejected by the fans, I'm actually hoping my #8 choice does get the "re imagining" treatment, I think this franchise REALLY needs it. If the trailer is any idication Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix (WTF!?) might just breathe new life in the world of Lara Croft.
I also have a sneaking suspicion this game will have RPG elements, HP, weapon creation ect...
I want to see some actual game play footage!

Until War for Cybertron came out I never bought a game based on the Transformers universe, but the folks at Full Moon really impressed me with WFC, the game play, story line and apparent knowledge of the Transformers G1 lore.
My #9 choice, Fall of Cybertron, it has Dinobots...what else do I need to say?!

My #10 pick for 2012 is Star Hawk, I never played the PS3 Warhawk, but I did own Warhawk for the PS1 waaay back when.
The reason I have StarHawk on the list is because I'm actually pretty tired of the whole FPS genre and it seems Zipper Interactive can't seem to find what made Socom 1 & 2 so great. I think StarHawk may fill the void nicely...

I only stumbled upon this traditional 2D fighter a month or 2 ago but it looks really fun. I recently read on Shoryuken that it's getting a console release....I doubt it will make it stateside but if it does I may check it out...Aquapazza grabs the #11 spot.

My final spot for 2012 is a tie between an MMO and a quasi MMO...Waku should be breaking outta beta soon and looks like a great game to return to the MMO scene I love the art direction. Wakfu just looks fun and takes itself a little less serious than other MMO's but doesn't lose the enjoyment of MMO's.

The other game is Journey by That Game Company, from what I know the idea sounds interesting..."An online line game that doesn't fit in with the traditional confines of multiplayer games". Ok you have my interest.......