Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Memorable Black Characters in Video Games

Remember Killer Instinct? At the time that game was all the rage with it's over the top violence....I remember all the petitions and anti video game activists then...they had no idea what was instore fo them a few years later with games like Grand Theft Auto.

Anyway back on track, Killer Instinct had the stereotypical boxer character that was made famous by Street Fighters' Balrog.

T.J Combo comes from a poor but hard working family, he dreams of becoming a boxer and making lots of money and fame, he dreams are crushed when both his arm arms are mangled in a bad bout.

Lucky for T.J his sister went to college and got a job at Ultratech, where he gets his new "magic arms". He convinces his sister to get him cybernetic arms to help him realize his dreams and help his poor momma out. T.J, with the help of his bionic arms becomes the champ but after pushing his luck T.J's secret is discovered and just like Balrog he's stripped of his title and banned from boxing.

Luckily T.J gets another chance in the Killer Instinct tournament held by...

wait for it...

Ultratech...Dun dun duuuuh!