Monday, February 9, 2009

Memorable Black Characters in Video Games

A thug who left the world of wrestling to find greater opponents. After being beaten, he decided to join Shadaloo. He impressed Bison enough to be accepted, but soon became bored. He then discovered the Psycho Drive and, together with Balrog, tried to steal it. However, before they could succeed the base was destroyed. What happened to Birdie is unknown, but he probably stayed with Shadaloo until the end. In SF1, he was white, but Capcom explained that he was "ill" back then. LOL!

Having a name like Birdie makes you a badass by default... Of course his Street Fighter 1 appearance wasn't anything special, but when Capcom re-invented him in the SFA series; he was undeniably a memorable character and definitely "stood out" among the others. His unrealistic proportions also have a lot to do with his overall design, and are as effective as they are hilarious...

Street Fighter 1

Street Fighter Alpha

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