Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meet the T600

Revenge is something that those who have been beaten seek...

The T600 isn't looking for revenge, it's looking to terminate anything that get's in it's way! We've all met Cyberdyne systems model 101 T800...the Ahnold model, he was a big fella that was bad to the bone. In the original Terminator Kyle Reese told Sarah all about the T600 and how they were easy to spot with their rubber skin...he failed to mention that they also made the T800 model look like cybernetic hobbits!!!

No wonder these suckers were easy to spot, take a look at the size of these monsters! Check out the chart below...the Ahnold unit T-800 is the one all the way on the right...and we all know that's a big dude, the T600 is frigging crazy BIG, if that sucka gets his hands on you...it's game over!