Saturday, February 21, 2009

Memorable Black Characters in Video Games

Afro is an Afro-headed samurai and the main character of the series. In the story, when Afro was just a child, he watched his father die at the hands of Justice for the number one headband and from that day on, Afro swore vengeance on the man with Rokutaro's sword. Sometime after the death of his father, Afro was found by a Sword Master who taught him the art of kenjutsu and hand-to-hand combat, becoming a master swordsman, along with having almost superhuman strength. The Sword Master revealed himself to be the carrier of the number two headband that Afro had been searching for many years. Afro killed his mentor to gain the Number Two headband, giving him clearance to hunt down Justice, while turning his back on everyone he knew to continue his path of revenge, the game follows the same story arc as the manga and is voiced by the same actors. Samuel L. Jackson does the VO work for Afro.
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