Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Circle of Life

Tryptifaeris decides to take a vacation and go to Windurst, where the pace is much slower than Jeuno and Bastok. The peace and quiet will do him good. After arriving I head over to Windurst woods to watch the Dhamels in the zoo, after a few minutes there I decide to head over to the fishing guild in Port Windurst to sell off some fish but make a wrong turn and end up in one of Windy's back ally's, there I meet Perih Vashal, I figured maybe she could tell me where I was and how to get to Port, but she started talking about the cycle of life and the great beast in the Sauromogue. She asked me if I'd be willing to bring back the beasts tooth and she'd explain more about the life of a ranger.

I warp back to Jeuno and rent a chocobo and set off into the Sauromogue in search of the great fanged beast. I find the cave and dismount my ride and enter, as I walk deeper in I spot an old sabertooth, I observe it and notice it's health meter slowly draining. This noble beasts live was coming full circle, it staggered to the back of the cave and colapsed on a pile of old sabertooth bones, the words of Perih Vashal came to mind as I watched the Great Fanged Beast die.

When I returned the fang of the great beast to Perih Vashal I attained the advanced job of Ranger.