Sunday, January 15, 2006

Music soothes the Savage BST

Tryptifaeris has been very busy, after reaching level 20 with my warrior (WAR) I made my way from the Valkurm Dunes to Jeuno, I stoped by The Chocobo stables in Upper Jeuno to say hello to Brutus and got word that Dietmund's son was very ill. Nobody cared much for the abusive beastmaster, but I felt bad for his son Domingart, so I paid Dietmund a visit in Lower Jeuno, when he answered the door he was hysterical, his son was worse than I expected. Dietmund mentioned an extremely rare flower that exists on Qufim Isl. the nightflower that blooms at 20:00. but it was guarded by a Kraken. I headed down thru the underground tunnel to Qufim Island as my lvl 50 White Mage (WHM), waited till the nightflowers began to bloom, cast Sneak on myself and walked past the Kraken to the patch of nightflowers . Just then Dietmund shows up, he mentions he needs the roots also. Neither of us apparently are able to dig them out of the ground, fortunately his old chocobo then arrives on the scene and begins digging until it finds the nightflower bulbs. Dietmund jumps on the Chocobo and races back to Jeuno, I warp back and go to check on Domingart. He has eaten the nasty flowers and is all better, he gives me the beast whistle and 2100 gil and I attain the title of Beastmaster (BST)

After all the excitement I walk over to the Merry Minstrel Meadhouse for an ale, while sitting at thebar I notice some guy sitting at a table all alone sulking so I ask the guy "what's troubling you son?" Mertaire told me that his girlfriend has left him and he's struggling to write her a worthy song to get her back. Bki Tbujhja, the bar keep, mentioned something about song ruins in Buburimu Peninsula, the ruins are about two separated lovers. I thought that the lyrics might inspire Mertaire so I teleported to the crag of Mea, rented a chocobo and headed to the beach in Buburimu Peninsula where the rumored ruins were to be located, after finding the stone tablet I began to read the inscription and a man came up to the tablet and told me about the story behind it, he also mentioned there was a second tablet located somewhere in the Valkurm Dunes...

I transcribed the ruins onto a piece of parchment and warped back to Jeuno to show Mertaire, but this only made him more upset, suddenly Lewenhart, the man I met on the beach appeared and tried to explain that even though the story on the tablets was old, it was timeless. I decided to search for the second set of ruins and perhaps that would help inspire this sap. I teleport myself to the Crag of Dem, rent a chocobo and ride to the Valkurm Dunes.

I found the second set of ruins and begin to transcribe the second half when out of nowhere Lewenhart and Mertaire show up. Mertaire realizes who Lewenhart is and I discover that Lewenhart is a well know Bard and I attain the title of Bard and a cool 5k gil.