Sunday, January 1, 2006

Genkai 1: Horizon Breaker

Four months after I got my WHM AF2 I returned to Ru'Lude Gardens to meet Maat, the old man who would help me reach beyond lvl 50.

He told me to collect three rare/ex items, an ancient papyrus from a Lich in the Eldieme Necropolis, exoray mold from an Exoray in the Crawlers Nest and bomb coal from a Explosure in the Garilage Citadel.
Each item was in a dungeon located on one of the three areas outside Jeuno, Rollenberry Fields, Batillia Downs and Sarumugue Champagne. Getting the items prooved to be more challenging than I anticipated, the papyrus took two trips on different days to get. Getting the explosure required the help of 3 other players to get past the banishing gate. The easiest item to get was the Exoray mold in the crawlers nest.
Once I had all three items I returned to the old man in Ru' Lude and the invisible barrier was broken until I reached 55.

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