Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Nindo, My Ninja Way

After finally helping Mertaire find his inspiration I head home to Bastok for a little R&R....Or at least that was the plan, when the airship landed in Port Bastok I headed to the residential zone but ended up at Ensetsu's house instead. He told me that he recently sold a blade to the Tenshodo but now regrets the decision, he asks me to pay Kagetora a visit in the Tenshodo warehouse and try to convince him to return the blade.
Kagetora explains that the blade has already been purchased by Ryoma in Norg, but he might be willing to trade the blade for some strangely shaped coral that can be attained by killing 3 Korroloka Leeches...

So off I head to Korroloka Tunnel to hunt down these 3 NM leeches to get the Strangley Shaped Coral.

Tryptifaeris enters the Korroloka Tunnel in search of the Korroloka Leeches, while exploring I spot a KO'd lvl 46 THF and raise him and ask if he'll assist me in killing these three leeches so I can get the coral, so now the two of us are navigating the tunnels and reach our destination. It is recomended in the guide that to fight these three leeches a PT of at least 4 level 40 adventurers are recomended, well a lvl 50 WHM (me) and a lvl 46 THF defeated them.

I thank the THF and promptly teleport to the Yhoator Jungle, I make my way thru the maze-like paths and tunnels to Yutunga Jungle and reach a bluff overlooking a field, at the far end of the field two waterfalls. I suddenly recall the tale of Krogenar and the two Falls, I drop down a sinkhole and run across the field to the waterfall on the right and the entrance to Sea Serpent Grotto.

Once inside Sea Serpent Grotto I carefully navigate the caverns to Norg a hideout for Pirates and the headquarters of the ninja's of Vana Diel. I find Ryoma and trade him the strangely shaped coral for the blade.

After listening to Ryoma complain about Ensetsu I attain the blade and head back to Bastok. Ensetsu explains to his younger daughter that the Blade belonged to her mother, and that the two met in Norg and moved to Bastok when she became pregeant with Ayame, Kaede's older sister.

After the heartwarming family moment I attain the advance job title of Ninja!After helping all these people out I decide to travel to Windurst and get a little R&R....

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