Saturday, February 4, 2006

Roots, Dew, Soul all ya need to be a Paladin!

After unlocking RNG I traveled to San d' Oria and unlocked the advanced job Paladin. The quest is three fold and you can actually do the first part as early as lvl 10! The quest to becoming a Paladin is givin to you by Balasiel in Southern San D' Oria, the first trial is simple; obtain a revival tree root. Balasiel tells you to travel to King Ranperre's Tomb to get one, OR just buy one @ the AH. The second trial by Balasiel is to journey to the waterfall in Ordelle's Caves, and bring back stalactite dew as proof of your visit. Stalactite dew is a rare ex item so I had to go. As a lvl 50 whm I could've ran naked thru Ordelles Caves and been fine. The third and final trial Balasiel gives me the book of tasks and then I had to show it to Cahaurme and Baunise in Southern Sandy. They in turn each give me a book of the east and the west and tell me that to become a Paladin I'll need to travel to Davoi, in Davoi I need to locate an unused well and bring back a Knights Soul as proof of my deed. I bring back the Knights Soul to Balasiel and in turn he gives me a kite shield and I aquire the advanced job of Paladin!