Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Pilgrimage of Tryptifaeris

After unlocking many advanced jobs I began my pilgrimage as a Summoner, I was once again fighting bees and worms, in Gustaberg. Meanwhile Krogenar was working his way towards the final levels as a BST. I had been down this path enough times to know what I was doing, I reached lvl 10 quickly and moved to the Valkurm dunes and into PT torture. I was optimistic thinking by now most PT's in the Dunes were old players leveling new jobs....I was wrong.

Here is one example of why PT's in the Dunes can be such a mind numbing experience:

There was a lvl13 WHM in this PT that took 1 hit from a snipper crab and died! O.o I checked him to discover the WHM was wearing lvl 7 equip with an astral ring (50 HP converted to 50 MP) so not only was his HP dangerously low but he had very poor equipment for his lvl. The remaining members were equally unskilled...

Tryptifaeris: "/p Please voke off of me

"noob #1: "/p what is voke?"

Tryptifaeris: "/p thanks for PT invite I G2G, good luck ^^"

I ended up soloing in Konschat and Burubimu Penninsula and struggled to get 1600 XP, but I'm half way to 17 now.