Friday, April 12, 2019

Star Wars Celebration 2019 has begun

Star Wars Celebration began today, and so far JJ has revealed who the ultimate evil villain is of the ST and this will be a day long remembered ...
When Steven Colbert asked JJ Abrams if he can share who the true villain of the Sequel Trilogy is he coyly (sp?) looked to his left and said Kathleen! Now he could of been deferring the query to Kathleen Kennedy but it could've also been a double entendre!
Oh yeah we also got the title and trailer for Episode IX....

I wanted to feel some level of hype, I REALLY DID!
I did not.
The "on your marks, get set, g....wait, ok go" moment totally deflated my hope, and when she force jumped over Kylo's Tie Fighter....UGGH!
I was like WHY!??? I would have loved to see her use Kylo's OP ability to "freeze' things in motion....of just drop to the ground and gut the Tie as it flew over her.
The scene with Lando made me wonder if L337 was between his legs....UUUGGGHHHH >.<
Throughout the whole trailer I was like, "Where the ominous feeling?", "who's the true villain of the ST???" 
(Thanks JJ! That was a brilliant reply to Colbert's question BTW) :cheers: 
Then we see the remnants of a DS in an's gotta be Endor! 
And then we hear ol Sheev cackling....
Way to shoe horn Palpy into this and utterly eradicate Anakin's entire life legacy and redemption!!!

And I'm on the fence about the title The Rise of Skywalker, is that an FU to Rian? Are we referring to Kylo Skywalker (Please NO!) Is it referring to Rey? (AGAIN PLEASE NO!), Does it mean Luke is gonna pull a Jesus Christ and walk outta a cave on Octoo (sp?)

Save me Jon Favereu and Dave Filoni you're my only hope! And Benioff and Weiss deliver us from evil!

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