Sunday, April 28, 2019

Avengers Endgame Thoughts and Impressions *Spoilers*

I saw Endgame Friday with my son, it was the fastest 3 hours I've ever experienced!
Let me start by sharing my gripes with Avengers Endgame....
#1 Tony solving time travel after Scott Lang proposes the "Time Heist" felt very rushed and convenient.
#2 Speaking of convenient, what if Clint was paired up with anyone other than Natasha when they went to retrieve the soul stone on Vormir??
#3 So Thanos went to Naidavellir, a place so remote most believe it's a made up place to have the Infinity Gauntlet created by space dwarves, the same Space Dwarves that created Mjolnir and Stormbreaker to be able to handle all 6 Infinity Stones at once but Stark builds a gauntlet in a matter of hours that can also handle all 6 stones...
#4 Where did Valkyrie get her Pegasus from???

That's it, those are my only issues with this AMAZING film experience!
No need to go over all the awesomeness in this movie but I will just touch on my favorite parts.
THOR LEBOWSKI!!!!! Some hated it but I loved it! I was all about Iron man and Cap in Phases 2 & 3 but ever since Ragnarock Thor's character development has been incredibly entertaining. LMAO my son kept asking if he'll go back to normal, I guess he'll be using Quill's Bowflex alot until Guardian's Vol 3....
Seeing Steve and Tony reconcile put a smile on my face!
And seeing Tony talking with his father about parenthood and Steve seeing Peggy Carter had a the whole theater was tangible!
You remember that fight at LEJ in Captain America Civil War? if you thought that was crazy you ain't seen nothing till you see Endgame!!!
Also seeing the Secret Wars fan service with Hulk holding up the ruins of the Avengers compound was great!

The scene when Cap wields Mjolnir and his shield against Thanos had me cheering so loud, in fact the whole theater was going crazy! 

I have seen every MCU movie (except captain woman) and I own many of them on BD so for my son and I we are fully vested so this film was such a treat! Fan Service in the best possible way! For Joe movie goer the movie will be entertaining but they won't have the same level of appreciation / enjoyment that my son and I had.
 Actually my son saw captain woman with mommy so he's seen 1 more than me.
There was rumors circulating for about a year that captain woman was to be the new face of the MCU going forward from phase 4 on and she was the one to take out Thanos.....THANK GOD that did NOT come to fruition! There was a scene where (almost) every female character united in the final showdown against Thanos which was very cool, I loved seeing Scarlet Witch fully powered up against Thanos and the triumphant entrance of Valkyrie was awesome!

And a HUGE THANK YOU to the Russo Bro's for giving the W to the Avenger that truly deserved it THE MOST!

It's been a long time since I've wanted to see a movie more than once in the theaters and I really want to watch Endgame again in the movie theater. Not just because it's a great experience but I know there's changes in the timeline caused by the events in the movie which will open and close pathways from phase 4 onward.


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