Friday, April 12, 2019

SFV AE Weekly Missions and Extra Battle Mode for 4/12/19- 4/19/19

It's Friday April 12th, the 62nd week of SFV AE and this weeks missions went live at 12AM last night! This weeks missions are:

1.  Perform a Counter 10X for 150 FM

2. Get a KO with an EX move 10X for 250FM 

3.  Play Story Mode for 250FM

4. Join a Battle Lounge! for 250FM

5. An Arcade score of 100,000 or more will be recorded in the rankings for the title “The Last and Strongest Giant”.

This weeks missions can net you a measly 900FM

After completing the weekly missions, head over to the eXtra Battle Mode, this week we have:

1. Get your hands on Fortune Tix against Balrog #3 for 250FM participation fee

2. [Quick and Immovable] Get the Crossover Costume #1 for Zeku ( Kenji from Red Earth) for 2500FM participation fee.

3. Get the Crossover BGM!  Kenji theme from Red Earth for 1000FM

4. Middle Class Shadaloo Grunt (1X) for 500FM participation fee.

Not much to talk about on SFV & S4, but I did finally get to binge High Score Girl last week and I absolutely loved it! If you're on the fence about watching High Score Girl check out my thoughts and impressions.

As always keep fighting the good fight. Be smart with your FM and don’t complain about the XBM golden soldiers and "Shin" versions of characters because the alternative is Capcom charging REAL MONEY for all DLC characters.

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