Sunday, December 30, 2018

Star Wars Episode IX A Lost Hope

Maybe it’s me getting old, or perhaps something else, but I just have very little interest in IX. I remember the fun I had making predictions for the PT and for TFA and TLJ but after TLJ I've lost all interest in this trilogy. The only thing that has my interest at all is Favareu’s “The Mandalorian”. The Star Wars Resistance annimated TV series was excrement. I can't be the only fan that feels this way? I find my lack of faith disturbing! At this point there is no cohesive story line, and they’ve made it depressingly clear connective tissue to the OT and PT is not high on their priority list.I’m gonna see it not because I’m genuinely excited for it but because I feel obligated to because I’m invested. And that’s upsetting. There's so much that needs to be addressed, and plot lines that need to be closed. I just can't see how this "trilogy" will conclude in a satisfying way and having Jar Jar Abrams closing it out HA! Good luck with that!

  • Does anyone respond to Leia's distress call?
  • Is Snoke truly dead, if so who the F was he?
  • Will Rey finally put a Kyber crystal in her pole staff?
  • Does Chewie die from undercooked Porg?
  • Does Maz show up to rescue Leia from Kylo and the first order?
  • Does Finn confront Rose know that thing?
  • Does Leia give Poe command over the 6 remaining volunteer members of the resistance?
  • Will Phasma return as a man?
  • Will Rose Tiko upgrade her taser prod?
  • Will the second Starkiller base be the main base of Kylo's second order?
  • Will DJ's heart grow 3 sizes in episode IX
  • Will Lando finally show up and down load L3-3T (uggggh) into 3PO?
  • Will Finn pull off Phasma's helmet to reveal she was Qi'ra all along and she would've gotten away with it if it were'nt for them meddling resistance volunteer's and that darn Wookie!?
  • Do we ever see or hear about the Knights of Ren again?
  • Does Rey ever return to Jakkuine?
  • Can someone get a Middichlorian count on Rey please?
  • So does anyone know the state of the Galaxy and the Republic at the start of this movie?
  • Can we please return to Canto Byte? Or will JJ blow up the planet as a resounding F.U. to Rian Johnson?
  • Will Mara Jade show up after being on a wild Bantha chase in the outter rim, sent by Luke to find he's dead and reveal Rey is Luke and Mara's daughter and they simply dropped Rey off on Jakkuine with uncle Unkar while they went to Toshii Station to pick up some power converters.

How can the Skywalker Saga re-conclude on a happy note with Luke dead and Kylo Ren clearly signing a life time contract with the Dark Side and un-redeemable in most fans eyes.
OK I'm done....

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