Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Hellboy Trailer

How's this for a Juxtaposition, I hated the last Hellboy was terrible! I just saw the Lionsgate Hellboy Movie Trailer and I'm sorta interested in it. Meanwhile I was really excited for Captain Marvel last year and after 2 trailers my interest in Capt. Marvel is faltering!
I wonder if they're purposefully not showing Abe Sapien or if he's just not in the movie.
The prosthetic's look good, this Hellboy is definitely looking meaner than Pearlman's.
Whoever the effects artist is for this film should be hired by Lucas film if the Sith return to Star Wars because this guy looks great with the Sith eyes!
I liked the trailer and hope this movie returns to the comic books roots. I like the balance between the dark atmosphere and the dry humor.....DC take note. 

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