Friday, December 7, 2018

Avengers Endgame Trailer Impressions

Oh boy the hype for Avengers Endgame is so cray cray right now! The internet is frame by framing the trailer, theorizing, hypothesizing all on a 2 minute 26 second trailer.....remember how we were all doing this for the Last Jedi? And then we got ya mamma jokes and Leia Poppins and grumpy Luke and UGGGH.
Now we know Captain Marvel is going to play a big role in End Game What do you think will happen if  she tells Tony Stark to sit down and STFU and doesn't share the plan to save the Avengers. Then Loki shows up and slices Thanos in half, half way thru the movie and then Steve Rodger and Tony die using the quantum realm to stop Thanos in the past. And what If Ronin is about to destroy the Infinity Gauntlet but at the last second Dr Helen Cho (age of Ultron) shows up and bumps into Ronin and makes him miss his shot....(I know she's dead) and tells him she did it because she loves him.
Yeahhhhh that'll never happen, that's what us Star Wars fans thought in the height of our fevered fandom.......

Anywho the Endgame trailer brought the feels on pretty heavy! Then Scott Lang shows up and totally shoe horns in a little comic relief.....meh.

Am I excited for April 26th? HELL YEAH! Endgame has a monumental task of wrapping up the events of Infinity War AND segwaying into phase 4 of the MCU.

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