Monday, December 10, 2018

GitS SAC 2045 Announced for Netflix!

So Disney is pulling all their content off Netflix as they begin preparing the launch of D+, their own streaming service that they hope to compete against Netflix, but then Netflix is like I'll see your Nick Cage and Jessica Jones and raise you 1 Major Kusanagi!
Netflix announced a few days ago that a new 3D CG GitS series is coming to Netflix in 2020!
I'm cautiously optimistic the directors are Shinji Aramaki from Appleseed and Kenji Kamiyama from GitS SAC which is very reassuring! I hope they can get Yokko Kanno to do the sound track.
Netflix is kinda hit or miss with Anime, they have some AAA IP's but then they try stuff that makes ya go hmmmm like they're Deathnote live action original series.
I love this franchise but that  2017 Live Action movie with Scarjo was not good....I was hoping it would've been better but splicing together sections from the original and GitS 2 Innocence and SAC does not make a good movie.

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