Saturday, June 16, 2018

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 6 Thoughts and Impressions

My son and I binged season 6 today and this show just keeps impressing me! The depth and layers these characters have compared to the original is just astonishing! This season answered many lingering questions, like what's up with Shirow, is Lotor's intentions true....not gonna spoil anything but I will say Legendary Defender's Lotor landed a 20 on his Charisma roll!
I was really impressed with Keith's side quest story, it was full of feels and served a purpose that tied into the primary story line with the other Paladins.
I also will say I enjoyed seeing my prediction come true about Lotors ship! And how they recreated a classic battle from the original and made it absolutely Epic!!!

With the conclusion of Season Six the slate seems pretty clean....and I can't see the future of Voltron Legendary Defender, which is exciting!
If you're my age and watched the original as a kid and haven't watched this I promise this show has something for our generation as well as younger audiences (my son loves the show!)....I'm talking to you Krogenar and BlueEyedDemon!

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