Friday, June 15, 2018

SFV AE Weekly Missions and Extra Battle Mode for 6/14/18 - 6/21/18

It's Friday June 15th, the 20th week of AE and this weeks missions went live at 12AM last night! This weeks missions are:

  1. Use a V-reversal 10X for 50 FM
  2. View a Demonstration  for 250FM
  3. Get 10 wins in Battle Lounge for 500FM
  4. Datta's Wish for 2500FM

I'll post a video below to show how to complete the requirements for Sleeping Dog. 
Go to Versus Mode, Choose Versus CPU, set the difficulty, choose Apprentice Alley Stage, Pick Dhalsim and beat the CPU...

After finishing the missions go tackle this weeks eXtra Battle Mode fights, this week there’s two;
  1. Ryu's 2nd [Q&I] Crossover costume challenge for 2,500 FM participation fee.

  2. 2. High Roller Shadaloo Elite for 1500 FM participation fee.

This weeks missions can net you 3,300 FM. Subtract 2,500 FM for Ryu's second [Q&I] and for the eXtra Battle Mode you can earn 18,000 FM for beating the High Roller Shadaloo Elite Soldier 3 times after the 1500FM participation fee so this week I made a total of 18,800FM! 

As always keep fighting the good fight....please stop lag switching and if you need to go play CoD and help me avoid a sodium overdose! Be smart with your FM don't complain about the XBM golden soldiers because the alternative is Capcom charging RM for all DLC characters. 

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