Friday, June 15, 2018

PlayStation E3 2018 Experience

I'm not interested in which of the big three "won" E3, I want to see games that bring the "wow factor" and honestly there wasn't much in my opinion.
Death Stranding was the one I was looking forward to the most, unfortunately Kojima ''s latest trailer still left me in the dark.
The game is still cloaked in complete mystery, I am now looking forward to The Tomb Portable's analysis to see how this latest trailer can possibly support his theory that Death Stranding is MGS0.

Other notable game trailers were Kingdom Hearts III, the 2 trailers I saw truly showcased the power of this generations consoles! I never played the first two but my wife was interested in them back in the day and I think I'll be picking this up for my wife, and son and daughter.

I was impressed by Sucker Punches Ghost of Tsushima trailer, gorgeous environments and lighting effects, impressive character models and facial animations...this is Bushido Blade + Tenchu to the 100th power.

And then there's TLoU2, I loved the first game! As many others claim it was one the the top 3 for last generation. The first trailer for TLoU2 really didn't grab me like the initial trailer for the original game, last nights trailer showcased Ellie interacting with others from a group she has joined since the conclusion of the first game. The actual gameplay was brutal and the AI appeared extremely intelligent to the point where you need to be 110% aware of your surroundings and the many possible actions the AI might take. The gameplay did not look scripted and absolutely required full attention! And it looked like the AI was not pulling its punches! The environments looked great  and the post apocalyptic feel of the environment is looking even better than the original!
It was cool seeing Ellie older, I wonder how her and Joel will be reunited?

This next game is an amazing surprise for me! It wasn't announced at the press event but we are getting Valkyria Chronicals 4 this year!!! I had no idea Sega was working on this and it appears to return to the series roots! I've seen some comments on how the game has last gen visuals.....these people obviously never played VC.
I just hope the story and characters are as engaging as the original!

Then there's looks really good but I'm just not feeling the hype for this game.

Then we got a trailer for a game called reminded me of a B movie called the Cube mixed with M.C. Escher's dreams....very abstract....I didn't get any feels from the trailer....meh.....need more info.

From the studio that brought us Life is Strange we get a new murder mystery Twin Mirror....I really enjoyed Life is strange so I'll be checking out Twin Mirror! Oh BTW is that the same train that almost ran over Chloe? Are we world building here or is this a totally separate world??

This next game wasn't mentioned during the conference, like many titles on this list, but if you love games with atmosphere that needs to be played at night in the dark that will keep you on the edge of your seat then you need to answer the Call of Duty Cthulhu!
Fried Calamari anyone?

Honorable mention

When I saw the first trailer for this next game at last years E3 I was very impressed this years trailer and subsequent game play demo reignited my hype for this game. I never played the original PS2 game but these trailers make me want to go old school....I'm sure the original Beyond Good and Evil is on the PS Store. This game seems very ambitious and I wonder if it will actually release for this generation.

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