Friday, May 25, 2018

SFV AE Weekly Missions and Extra Battle Mode for 5/24/18 -5/31/18

It's Friday May 25th, the 17th week of AE and this weeks missions went live at 12AM last night! This weeks missions are:

Perform a Normal Throw 10X for 50 FM
View Rankings on the CFN for 250 FM
Win 10 Battle Lounge matches for 500 FM
Special Move Sensation for 2,500 FM

I'll post a video below to show how to complete the requirements for Special Move Sensation.

Go to Versus Mode, Choose Versus CPU, keep the CPU difficulty at 4 ,set the match for best of 5, choose the default Kanzuki Estate Stage, choose an opponent, and perform a combo on the opponent on the mid/left side of the stage while 3 ninja's go down the zip line in the background at once.

After finishing the missions go tackle this weeks eXtra Battle Mode fights, this week there’s two;

1) M. Bison's 3rd [Q&I] Crossover costume challenge for 2,500 FM (I'm skipping this one)

2) Upper Class Shadaloo Soldier for 5,000 FM X3  for a 1,000 FM entry fee per attempt.

This weeks missions will net you 3,300 FM plus an additional 12,000 FM if you beat the Upper Class Shadaloo Soldier 3/3 times, minus 2,500 FM if your getting Bison's Crossover Costume and another 1000 FM for each attempt against the Upper Class Shadaloo Soldier.

The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection launches in 4 days! I'm hyped to go old school for a break from SFV!

Thanks to VesperArcade for the heads up that Capcom has updated the SFV logo on their twitter page which means a new fighter is about to enter the ring! Cody is gonna be announced soon....and the most logical time would be at Combo Breaker 2018!

Based on the schedule I'm guessing the trailer will drop Sunday around 6:30/ 7:00 PM EST

And then on May 31st we're fighting the Experienced Shadaloo Soldier for 20,000 EXP X3 for a 1000 FM entry fee.

As always keep fighting the good fight....stop lag switching and avoid sodium overdose. Be smart with your FM don't complain about the XBM golden soldiers because the alternative is Capcom charging RM for all DLC characters.

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