Friday, May 11, 2018

SFV AE Weekly Missions and Extra Battle Mode for 5/10/18 -5/17/18

It's Thursday May 10th, the 15th week of AE and this weeks missions went live at 12AM! This weeks missions are:

Perform a counter 10X for 150 FM
Use the Rival Search feature on CFN for 250 FM
Clear Trails #01-#05 consecutively for 500 FM
A Short-Tailed Bat Colony for 2,500 FM

I'll post a video below to show how to complete the requirements for A Short-Tailed Bat Colony.

 Go to Versus Mode, Choose Versus CPU, set the difficulty to 1 (for an easier life), choose Forgotten Waterfall Stage, choose an opponent, and hit your opponent on the right side of the stage until a flock of bats fly out of the cave.

After finishing the missions go tackle this weeks eXtra Battle Mode fights, this week there’s two;

1) M. Bison's 1st [Q&I] Crossover costume challenge for 2,500 FM (I passed)
2) Rapidly Advancing Shadaloo Grunt for 10,000 EXP X3 for a 500 FM entry fee. ( failed 3X)

This weeks missions will net you 3,400 FM. I struck out against the Rapidly Advancing Shadaloo Grunt, so 0 EXP.

I'm not sure what XBM we have next week besides Bison's second [Q&I]

Then on May 24th we're fighting the Upper Class Shadaloo Soldier for 5,000 FM X3 for a 1000FM entry fee.

And then on May 31st we're fighting the Experienced Shadaloo Soldier for 20,000 EXP X3 for a 1000 FM entry fee.

As always keep fighting the good fight....stop lag switching and avoid sodium overdose. Be smart with your FM don't complain about the XBM golden soldiers because the alternative is Capcom charging RM for all DLC characters.

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