Thursday, March 29, 2018

SFV Weekly Missions and Extra Battle Mode for 3/29/18 - 4/5/18

It's Friday March 30th, the 10th week of AE and this weeks missions went live at 11PM! This weeks missions are:

  1. Perform a normal throw 10 X for 50 FM
  2. View Rankings on the CFN for 250FM
  3. Play a Ranked Match for 500 FM
  4. Come One, Come All for 2,500 FM
I'll post a video below to help show how to complete the requirements for the mission.

Go to Versus Mode, Choose Versus CPU, set the difficulty to 1 (for an easier life), choose Bustling Side Street Stage, choose an opponent, and beat your opponent on the left side of the stage, I'm not sure if it's required but try to knock your opponent thru the wall into the restaurant. And if you want to challenge yourself try to knock your opponent into the closet on the second round.

After completing the weekly missions, I headed over to the eXtra Battle Mode and this week we have :
Ken's 3rd [Q&I] Crossover Costume challenge for 2,500 FM,
Nash's 3rd [Q&I] Crossover Costume challenge for 2,500 FM,
R. Mika's 4th [Q&I] Crossover Costume challenge for 2,500 FM
(Proof of a Hero) against Ken in his Rathalos Crossover costume for 1000 FM.

Another week and no sign of Golden Shadaloo no Xtra FM.

This weeks missions will net you 3,300 FM, and since I'm not doing Ken, Nash or Mika's [Q&I]'s I actually  made a FM profit!

In other SFV news we'll be getting 3 Darkstalkers Crossover costumes April 3rd.
They will NOT be avail via XBM like the ones we've been doing the past few weeks.
The 3 costumes  are for Menat, Juri and Urien and will only be avail for purchase on the PS store for $3.99 each

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