Friday, March 16, 2018

Avengers Infinity War Trailer #2

LMAO Disney moved Avengers Infinity War a week early to space it out with Solo!!!!
I got over hyped for Age of Ultron, No matter how hype this trailer is....and it is HYPE!!! I will endeavor to keep my expectations in check!
Steve MFing Rogers!!!! He moved Molnir.....he's gonna sacrafice himself to save the earth! That's my prediction!
Peter Quill stealing Tony Starks mojo, love it! Alien Voldamort hushing Dr Strange....that was odd.
Was that a flash back of young Gamora or was that the time stone??
Interesting how Loki is seen breifly from this trailer and we see Thanos crushing the Tesseract in his hand. Loki will you ever learn?!
I didn't see any sign of Captain Marvel, but something tells me she'll show up in the credits since her movie comes out between IW1 nd IW2.
I also didn't see Nebula bt I'm sure she will show up.
So who's not making it thru IW? My money's on Cap and Tony! Bucky Barnes will take the Captain America Identity and Shuri will don the Ironman armor.
As for Hawkeye....gone golfing? Again?

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