Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Always in motion the future is....What's next for Dave Filoni after Star Wars Rebels?

I'm gonna put this out there, Dave Filoni and his team at LFL deserves to be writing the ST! (too late now).
My son and I watched the series finale last night and he was so excited and had so many questions!
I am a fan of Star Wars but I have to admit TFA and TLJ has shaken my faith in the franchise, but after last nights conclusion of Rebels I know the heart of Lucas's creation is in the capable hands of Filoni, Hidalgo and the LFL story group.
I will miss the crew of the Ghost and watching how the show masterfully segway'd  from the Clone Wars era to the time just prior to Rogue One. This is twice Filoni has introduced us to brand new characters that initially were not well received (Asohka and Ezra) but over the course of the series grew on us and clearly demonstrates Filoni is a master of character development....which I suspect stems from watching Super Dimensional Fortress Macross when he was younger.
Last night I finally saw Ezra Bridger as a strong, mature young adult Jedi. And when he left Sabine and his family it had the same bittersweet feel I got so many years ago when Hikaru Ichajo chose to leave Lynn Minmay and travel to the stars with Misa Hayase.
I can almost see a comparison between Kanan to Roy Folker, Ezra to Hikaru, Hera to Misa and Sabine to Minmay!
I've told so many friends of mine to watch this show but alas my words fell on deaf ears, my wife refused to watch it even though she watches the movies. I hope this show makes it's way to Netflix and Disney doesn't lock it in the vault til their streaming service goes live.
Unfortunately too many people prematurely judged the show at the beginning based on the art style and the fact it was on Disney XD.
Rebels had some amazing episodes, these my favorites!

  1. S2 Ep 1/2 Seige of Lothol  
  2. S2 Ep 25 Future of the Force
  3. S2 Ep 33 Shroud of Darkness
  4. S2 Ep 36/37 Twilight of the Apprentice
  5. S2 Ep 38/39 Steps into Shadow
  6. S3 Ep 52 Trails of the Dark Sabre
  7. S3 Ep 54 Through Imperial Eyes
  8. S3 Ep 57 Twin Suns
  9. S4 Ep 69 Jedi Night
  10. S4 Ep 71 Wolves and a door
  11. S4 Ep 72 World Between Worlds
  12. S4 Ep 73 A Fools Hope
  13. S4 Ep 74/75 Family Reunion/ Farewell

So Sabine, and Ashoka are searching the unknown regions for Ezra after the Battle of Endor. 
And speaking of Endor, Rex is now officially the rebel on Endor that’s part of the team that destroys the shield generator...I’m cool with that.
Kanan and Hera have a son! Jacen Syndula! Force sensitive ???
Zen and Callus also live happily ever after.

 Sorry Master Yoda I am looking to the future, I am excited for the trailer for the next Star Wars animated series.

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