Friday, February 2, 2018

SFV Weekly Missions and Extra Battle Mode for 2/1/18 - 2/8/18.

It's Friday February 2nd, the 3rd week of SFV AE and this weeks missions went live at 12AM last night! This weeks missions are:

1. Check the rankings via CFN
2. Play a ranked match,
3. Perform a throw 10X
4. Datta's Wish

I'll post a video of the requirements for those new to SFV...

Choose Dhalsim and beat a CPU opponent on the apprentice Alley stage. BAM easy 2.5 K (ggrrrr). Next I went to Extra Battle Mode and the third [Quick and Immovable] fight is now available from 2/1/18 - 2/8/18, remember the entry fee is 2.5k FM! I don't play Rashidooo but I figured since I started collecting the gems I might as well finish.

This weeks XBM fight is against the Rapidly Advancing Shadaloo Grunt DOES NOT reward you with FM! Speaking of, this week brings us our second encounter with a Shadaloo Grunt! This XBM will cost 500 FM and beating him will earn you 10k EXP for the character you use, net is really 28,500 EXP taking the entry fee into account. And you can fight him 3 times which will net ya 30K EXP!

 So between the weeklies and the XBM you won't earn much FM this week but that 28.5k EXP helped push my Karin over the hump to level 45. Last week Capcom gave us a heads up on 3 new up coming Cross Over Costumes for Ken, R Mika and Ibuki. I might be inclined to get the Kirin costume for Ibuki as I do play her on occasion. The schedules overlap so be careful you're fighting the correct XBM for the correct armor peice! If you're Scrooge McDuck and have a coffer full of  FM the all 3 Monster Hunter Cross over Costumes will set you back 30k FM!

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