Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl Solo Trailer... too little too late?

With 110 days till release does this trailer alter anyone's intrest level for this? It wasn’t even a full trailer! What’s wrong with humanity where we need teaser trailers for a trailer?! That was a highly forgettable 45 seconds!
I found it quite interesting that one of the first lines in the trailer has an Imp saying "trust me, you'll love it".....blatant
I’ll edit this tomorrow after I see the full trailer.

OK so they dropped the full trailer minutes ago.....I dunno it didn't grab me..Woody's line about putting together a crew was clearly a way to connect to Han's line in TFA when he offers a Rey a job.
And did they just show Sana Calrissian/Solo???

Ehrenreich is no Ford.....

psst you're still here? Watch this's proabably better.

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