Friday, January 20, 2017

Nintendo Switch the hybrid handheld/ home console, my hopes and concerns

I am going to start this of with a quote from a friend of mine after seeing The Phantom Menance....
"George Lucas has more money than God and that's the best he could give us!?"
OK I'm going to alter my friend's quote slightly...
"Nintendo has about 10 BILLION in cash reserves and this is the best they can give us!?"

Annnnd here come the Nintendo fanboys to curse me....before you do though let me tell you I want to see Nintendo reclaim their former glory and if the trailer for Ultra Street Fighter II is any indication they remember the good ole days....
Here's a few more quotes for you Nintendo, "Those who dare win" and "If your hearts not in it, get the fuck out."
I've been reading alot of articles about the Switch and I've watched the Nintendo Treehouse video's on Youtube and I'm not sure the Switch will turn things around for Nintendo.
First, the MSRP of $299.99 USD seems a little steep when I was able to get a PS4 for $249.99 USD two years ago.
Aside from the price there are alot of things that aren't being clearly explained such as the launch line up, the exact annual cost of the Nintendo Online Service, what you get with the subscription besides the 1 monthly game download. I find it very interesting that voice chat is not available via the console but via a smartphone app.
How the hell is that gonna work with multiplayer online games? And since we're on the subject the Switch network functionality is strictly wireless, there is no Ethernet connection! coughlagcoughcough
In today's gaming market we take it for granted that our consoles do more than just play video games, our consoles also have access to today's streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO Now, Hulu, Twitch and Spotify etc. Will the Nintendo Switch offer this level of entertainment?

The other thing that I find alarming is the systems initial abysmal storage capacity....32 GB, yeah it's expandable with larger micro SD cards but that's on the consumer's dime.

In the end I think this console may get hardcore Nintendophiles  and a few casuals but it won't have the run away success the Wii had....Nintendo truly caught lightning in a bottle with the Wii. But I wish they'd just commit to competing against Sony and Microsoft with a serious console without the gimmicks!
Time will tell if gamers and 3rd party devs accept the Switch with open arms or if this console continues Nintendo's trend of non conformity and refusal to openly compete with Sony and Microsoft.

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