Monday, January 16, 2017

How can Disney Lucasfilm fix the ST with the passing of Carrie Fisher?!

So with Disney putting the Kabash on a digital General Leia for Episode IX and the fandom split on recasting the iconic role I have come up with a solution no body has thought of!
The obvious solution for Leia's role in the ST is hire George to make TFA Special Edition where Leia joins Han aboard the Falcon when they go to Starkiller Base iso Finn and while Han and Chewie are planting charges Leia finds Rey, then Leia confronts Ben on the catwalk and uses Padme's line from RotS, "You're breaking my heart ya da yada yada" then Ben kills Leia! Han and Chewie witness it and yell NOOOO!! Leia's dead and Han lives, millions of fans mourn Princess Leia but also we get Han back!

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