Monday, February 16, 2015

The Walking Dead S5 E61: Them

Hi Ho, hi ho, hi ho it's off to DC we go.
So last episode Rick agreed to go to Washington DC as it was their best bet to finding a possible safe community for the group.
This week the groups exodus shows they are out of energy, supplies and hope as they stagger along trailed by a herd of walkers. Without the energy to fight rick devises a plan to dispatch them with little exertion, the plan goes south when Sasha goes Rambo on the undead with no consideration of the group. Maggie is also struggling to find a reason to continue after Beth's death at the hospital.
Glenn tells Maggie she must continue to fight and not give up because of despair, Abraham tries to console Sasha but she basically tells him to STFU. Later in the barn father Gabriel al;so tries to comfort Maggie and she ever so sutly reminds him that he left his parish to perish...
Morale is at an all time low and Daryl goes off the road to look for water....the only water Daryl finds is the tears flowing from his know shits real if Daryl's crying like a bitch. The group comes across a Poland spring supply drop from "a friend". With obvious skepticism the don't drink it even though it must've looked like filet mignon to someone stranded on a deserted island. Eugene decides to be the sacrificial lamb and goes to take a swig and of all people Abraham knocks it away. Serious? I would've let him drink it!
Suddenly the sky's open up and it starts pouring rain......coincidence or divine intervention? Daryl tells them he spotted a barn close by.  Rick and a few other sit around a fire pit and Rick gives the worst motivational speech about the only way to survival this world is to to wake up and believe they're dead....that they are the walking dead. Daryl tells him he's full of malarkey and then the 3 wise men visit the barn with Gold, Frankincense and Mir....ok it just another horde of Walkers. the group unite to form Voltron in the barn to keep the walkers out. In the morning Maggie and Sasha celebrate the moments of their lives....

but the moment is ruined when a model from lands end stumbles upon their "shared moment".