Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Final Fantasy XV Jump Festa Trailer

I cannot wait for Final Fantasy XV! Sasuke Uchiha Noctis and his broforce take a road trip to escape the invasion from the country of Niflheim. This latest trailer introduces Cid...I don't recall Cid ever being female, not that it the accent and the hat! Full service huh?
The environments seem very Western to me, I love the scene where they bro's are chilling by a campfire reminds me of my camping trips with friends and family in the summer!
The Beheamoth stalking thru the woods was very cool to, no more warping to a separate battle screen!
And who is that looking for a pedicure at the end???? Titan! So we've seen Leviathan and Titan so far and they are HUGE!!! I can't wait to see Bahamut, Shiva, Ifrit and maybe Diabolos will be in FFXV.