Monday, February 9, 2015

The Walking Dead S5 E60 What Happened and What's Going On Recap

You know what you can't do with a hammer?
Amputate an arm....
Most unsuccessful road trip ever!
Survived Woodbury and the Guvnr,
Survived the plaque in the Prison,
Survived the battle at the prison against the Guvnr,
Survived baby sitting Lizzie, Mika and  Judith
Throughout his time on the show Tyresse stayed true to himself, he didn't let the world around him change him.
After all that Ty get's bit by a kid who got a time out for becoming a walker. WHAT!? Personally I would've let Noah go in the house first.....
I really enjoyed how we got to witness what Tyresse saw as the fever took over him. It was basically the devil (The Guvnr & Martin) on one shoulder and an angel ( Beth, Bobby, Lizzy & Mika ) on the other. And I never gave up on ya big guy even though you got bit TWICE in the same spot. I knew Dr. Michonne was gonna amputate that bad arm and when she did was I the only one who was hoping for Tyresse to get the Ash upgrade???

Aside from losing Tyresse the biggest thing that happened in this episode is we're out of Georgia!!!! The road trip brought Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Tyresse and Noah to Virginia to fulfill Beth's dying wish.
We're only a hundred miles away from DC folks we're going to the Capitol!
I just find it a little odd that the first 4 seasons the group couldn't find their way out of a wet paper bag and all of a sudden Rick becomes Lewis and Clark of the apocalyptic trail.