Friday, January 2, 2015

Free Swim's 15 games for 2015

Here's my annual list of upcoming games that I feel are must have's (for me) in a rough order of most wanted to least. What are your 15 most wanted games for 2015?

1. Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain
This is a favorite franchise of mine, chronologically The Phantom Pain takes place after MGS Peace Walker, which was a great game that unfortunately flew under many gamers radar. I got stuck at the extra ops Gear Rex Strikes back on the deck of Mother MSF forces were very strong but regrettably I couldn't finish all the extra ops because none of my friends had the game do do the missions in co op. MGS V will continue with the same game play style.
I'm really more excited to see more of the story of Big Boss unfold.

2. No Mans Sky
Ever since I first saw the demo this game resonated with me, the thought of deep space exploration seeking out new life and being the first to set foot on strange new worlds before the millions of other gamers also playing in this ever expanding universe reminds me of my childhood imagination.

3.Batman Arkham Knight
Arkham Asylum was fantastic, Arkham City was even more amazing (according to my friends) and from all this demo's and trailers this game looks HUGE and graphically jaw dropping.

4. Final Fantasy XV 
OMG how many years have we been following the ups and downs of this title. I pray FFXV brings back the sense of magic and awe that Square had in the PS1 era. C'mon Squeenix even Capcom realizes what their B&B franchises are!

5.  Street Fighter V
I doubt this one's gonna come out this year but I'll definitely be getting it day 1! 
Pass the ramen pls!

6. Uncharted 4: A Theif's End
Shia Lebouf stars alongside Nathan Drake as they unravel the mysteries of the Crystal oh sorry wrong franchise and medium.....

7. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
I haven't played the previous Witcher games but am extremely interested in delving into this world.

8. Rime
The game simply looks beautiful...

9. Mighty # 9
Rest in peace Mega man.......

10. The Witness
Another beautiful game that reminds me of a cross between Myst and Portal

11. Child of Light (2014)
Since my PS3 dies a year ago and I'm getting my PS4 in February I still intend to get this gem.

12. Bloodborne
I need a good scary game to play after my son goes to sleep, and this looks great....and by great I mean horrifying!

13.Final Fantasy type 0 HD
I read some very positive reviews for the Vita version of this game, and it's HD remake will be a welcome addition to my Final Fantasy collection, plus it comes with a FFXV trial!

14. Transistor (2014)
Another PSN game I intend to get once I get my PS4!

15. Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS4) 
I didn't buy USFIV for PS3 for two reasons, my PS3 YLOD and I had a feeling Capcom was planning on releasing it on PS4. My patience paid off.