Friday, January 9, 2015

Agent Carter: My Impressions

I suffered through the 2 hour premiere of Agent Carter as Peggy struggles with post war life in the big city. I didn't suffer from the show, I enjoyed it! I suffered from an excruciating migraine headache from a broken wisdom tooth as well as a cavity under an old filling.

My wife and I enjoyed the two episodes; Now is Not the End and Bridge and Tunnel watching Peggy cope with Steve's "death", finding a new place to live, dealing with a job at the SSR that is the equivalent to a secretary and being surrounded by male chauvinist's that treat her like one....little do they know...
So Agent Carter meets Howard Stark and agrees to help him by tracking down who stole his formula for molecular Nitramine. But in doing so risks being labeled a traitor to the United States and co conspirator along with Howard Stark.
So Peggy's first Mission: Operation Katamari leads her and Jarvis her new man servant to the Roxxon plant where they track down a member of a secret organization called Leviathan Leet Brannis. The agent without a voice escapes in a milk truck full of Nitamine bombs as he uses one to destroy the Roxxon plant....very exciting stuff.

 Episode two Peggy goes deep undercover as a health inspector at the distribution center for the milk truck Leet Brannis used to escape the Roxxon plant in the first episode. That leads them to Miles Van Ert, which leads Peggy and Jarvis to Brannis where they discover he has double crossed Leviathan, the trio are attacked by Sasha Demidov the other voiceless Leviathan agent with a very similar typewriter as seen in Fringe, the IBM Selectric 251!
So Peggy fights Sasha on top of the milk truck which totally had an Indiana Jones vibe to it, the trio are able to defeat Sasha by jumping off/out of the truck just before it goes flying off a cliff and all the Nitramine bombs go KABOOM!
Before dying Brannis draws a heart with a squiggly line through it....ooooh a clue!
So will Agent Carter remain on my DVR? For now yes, it was entertaining I think Hayley Atwell has proven that Agent Carter can be an incredible hero regardless if she doesn't have super powers.

For more info about Agent Carter: Marvels Agent Carter

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