Monday, December 1, 2014

The Walking Dead S5E8 Coda

Obviously officer Lamson hasn't seen Chris Rock's PSA video on how not to get your ass kicked by the police....
If Rick Grimes has to come get ya, you know he's bringing an ass kickin' with him!
Rick Grimes "I have a 480 in progress, I'm in pursuit"
I love how Rick so calmly says to Lamson "you didn't stop"
Then we get an awesome 420 Cop V Cop all out brawl between officer Dawn and officer O'Donnel that concludes with Beth performing a fatality on officer O'Donnel.


Ya know what's more dangerous than an honest cop?
 A psycho female cop on the rag!
So Rick heads to the hospital with his team to go thru with the hostage exchange and it looks like we're gonna reach the mid season on a happy note, but Dawn alters the deal at the last minute saying Noah can't go since she's giving Beth and Carol back, and Beth gets all up in Dawns face and tries to make a point with a pair of operating scissors....Dawns gun goes off and Beth takes one to the dome!
Daryl avenges Beth by bustin' a cap in Dawn's cranium.
Surprisingly shit did not get real after that!
That scene caught me off guard and I'm sad Beth died, she was just starting to grow on me!
And seeing Emily Kinney on Talking Dead afterwards was very sad!
RIP Beth

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