Sunday, December 14, 2014

Capcom Cup 2014 Street Fighter V Trailer

This reveal pretty much narrows down the timeline of SFV...I'm gonna go with right after III just like IV came right after II. I think V is gonna retcon III something fierce! So parries may be making a comeback...if they are in I don't think they'll be an exact cut and paste from III, time will tell! I think Capcom is on the right track so far, the Charlie reveal was a great teaser and I'm psyched to see the connection between Charlie/ Abel and now I'm certain there is one! And yes bring Guile back....that's a no brainier the man's been looking for Charlie for how long?!?
I'm also fairly certain we will get an Alex reveal but not for a long time...gotta keep the hype train Rollin!

 And here is the gameplay demo for SFV from Capcom Cup 2014. I think the bowl of ramen should fall off her head when she performs a SBK.

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