Friday, December 5, 2014

Street Fighter V Announcement Trailer!!

 And now I have a reason to go get a PS4...was gonna anyway but now....
I'm sure the game is still at least 3 years away but this is exciting as shit for me! Since my PS3 died last February I've been stuck playing all my PS2 Street Fighter games. There are gonna be those that will bitch and complain that Capcom needs to put out new IP's and I agree but I am Street Fighter. I love this series. And like IV we get Ryu and Chun Li confirmed first, I'm sure we'll get the original 8 in the roster but will everyone from USFIV make it to V...I don't think so. The stage in the trailer is very similar to Yun & Yang's stage from SFIII. SFIII had the Parry System, SFIV had the Focus Attack, what will SFV's gameplay mechanic be???

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