Saturday, May 17, 2014

The 4 lil games that could...........make me get a PS4 sooner.

I plan on getting a PS4 in February, but the wait is beginning to become a challenge, if my PS3 still worked it wouldn't be as hard but since JAnuary I've been stuck playing my PS2. Which isn't the end of the world, I still enjoy playing my PS1 & 2 games, but I still have many PS3 games I have yet to start and or finish.
But there are a couple PS4 games that have caught my attention that would  justify me buying the console earlier than I intend to.

Child of Light 
Child of Light looks breath taking, the fluidity of Aurora's hair and the gracefulness of her movement is stunning. The world of Lemuria is gorgeous and the watercolor art style lends itself to this fairy tale fantasy RPG.


Another disk-less title, Transistor looks interesting, again the art style caught my eye. And like Child of Light the city of Cloudbank is beautiful.

Lily Bergamo

I hope we see more of this game at this years E3. From the little I know of it it looks interesting.

I haven't heard much about this game since last years GamesCom.  Yet another game that I was instantly drawn to by it's gorgeous visuals! It reminded me of Myst for some reason but obviously not a point and click style game. Hopefully we hear more about this one at this years E3.

These aren't the AAA titles that move consoles like MGS, CoD, Madden and FF, these are the gems that fly under radar of Joe gamer, the gems that shine and really leave a lasting impression on gamers that go down the path less traveled like Okami and Journey.
Sure when I get my PS4 I'll definitely be picking up MGS V and FFXV but these are fresh IP's with new experiences and isn't that what we all crave not the same thing year after year?