Thursday, May 15, 2014

Akira Project: Live Action Fan Trailer

Any one who knows me or reads this blog knows my stance on games and anime being recreated for the silver screen....I'm 100% against it!
Although I fully supported Joey and Christian's Street Fighter Assassin's Fist Project, they are fans of the source material and all the images and trailers are proof that in the right hands it is possible to bring our passions to life and do it right!
 I really don't see a point in taking Video Games and Anime and making feature films out of them. You loose something in the translation, and Anime to Live action is 99.999% guaranteed to fail especially in Hollywoods' hands! Really what's the God damn point?!Anime and film are the same medium!
When I heard a few years back that Tobey McGuire was trying to make a Live Action version of Robotech (Macross), my soul died a little, then I read Hollywood was trying to make a live action version of heart grew two sizes smaller and then I read Spielberg was thinking of making a live action GitS brain pulled a scanners!

I got a text from Uncle Paulie and my faith in humanity was restored....a little.
THIS, like Street Fighter Assassin's Fist is a movie for the fans BY the fans...and like SFAF I would definitely contribute to this project!
Behold AKIRA!