Friday, May 2, 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Opinion

"War has changed"
I stopped playing CoD after MW2, most of my friends kept buying and playing the bi-annual releases. Some preferred the IW titles others Treyarch's. Me, I enjoyed them but I also saw the game really ingeniously made even the most casual gamer feel like a pro....even though they weren't. The multiplayer was the BnB of the franchise and it has done wonders for bringing online gaming to the mainstream for consoles like no other genre, MMO's and Fighting Games are a bit more of a niche market. 
Like I tell my friend CJ, "anyone can answer the call of duty, not everyone can win a street fight."
So, I just watched the trailer for CoD: Advanced Warfare, Kevin Spacey....huh. I'm buying what you're selling Kaiser Soze, in fact I've heard what you're saying from a few people in regards to the U.S trying to introduce democracy to other parts of the world. But that's a discussion for another time and another blog.
My first issue with is trailer comes before it even begins,
"The Following was captured on XBox One"
Really? Was it necessary? Absolutely not, by now were all painfully aware CoD is synonomous with X box. Is it going to be on PS4? Of course! Wii U...maybe. So why put that out there, you're just pushing away potential sales from people who may be getting tired of CoD and have decided to buy a PS4 iso an Xbone for one reason or another.
My second issue is where's the gameplay? Sure the single player cutscenes are gonna look sick but the game comes out in 6 months show me the actual game, throw in a little bit of you're BnB to whet fans appetites.
All in all the trailer is ok, Kevin Spacey is what makes the trailer stand out. 
It was fun to watch but it didn't make me say, "holy fuck I gotta go get a PS4 or X box One so I can play that!"