Monday, November 5, 2012

The Walking dead S2 E23: Killer Within

Last nights episode was absolutely gut wrenching! Pun Intended ;)
Now I haven't read the graphic novels, which I hear are even darker but last nights episode, especially the end with Carl and his mother was so dark and left us in a very bleak and hopeless place.
As I watched Carl and Lori I couldn't imagine how terrible a thing it would be for any child to have to do what he had to do...nightmarish.
Lots to digest in this episode,
RIP T Dawg you went out as a hero! Welcome to the group Oscar, I trust you'll do the right thing. I'm not to crazy about Axel...he's a little too Whiskey Tango for me and seems too cowardly to be more than zombie fodder.
Good to see Hershel up and mobile, we need to retro fit those crutches with some weapons! I'm thinking a shot gun crutch and a battle ax crutch! Hell yeah!
This was a fantastic episode that would get anyone who hasn't watched the show yet hooked!

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  1. Carl's not a kid anymore, no sir. You realize it was the guy that Rick chased but then abandoned to be eaten by zombies, right? Nice going Rick! LOL