Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collectors Set

1987 seems like a life time ago, but it's only been a quarter of a century!
Capcom has announced the most impressive collectors editions I've ever witnessed in all my years of playing video games. Regardless that I'm a fan of the Street Fighter franchise this 25th Anniversaty  limited collectors set is rediculously amazing! You get  4 games:
* Street Fighter X Tekken
* Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012
* Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition
* Super Street Fighter II HD Remix
*All the DLC for SFXT and SSFIVAE2012

The collectors set also comes with 2 Blu ray disks containing:
*Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Documentary
* Street Fighter II The Animated Movie
*SFIV The Ties That Bind Animated Movie
*SSFIV Original Film
* Street Fighter Animated Series (not SFII V)

The collectors set also comes with an 11 CD's containing:
*SF soundtrack
*SSFIIT soundtrack
*SFA3 soundtrack
*SFIII 3S soundtrack
*SSFIV AE soundtrack
*SFXT soundtrack
*remixes and original songs

The collectors set also includes:
*Full length Embroidered Obi (Ryu replica)
*Hardcover Tribute Art book
*8 inch illuminated Ryu figurine in Shoryuken pose

Capcom has really raised the level for future collectible sets with this 25th Anniversary set, and in my opinion $150.00 for all this is a steal!
Regretibly I own the majority of the stuff listed minus the Obi, Ryu Figurine, Art book, SXT, SSFIV Original Film, and the crappy American animated series (don't want).
This is a very rare gem for any hardcore fan of video games!