Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Rebellion multiplayer DLC

The next Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC has arrived!
Cerberus lashes FTW!


New Characters

- Vorcha

- Quarian Male

- Cerberus Defector

New Maps

- Firebase Jade
Surrounded by huge waterfalls, Firebase Jade overlooks an ancient reservoir built by the salarians centuries ago. Set up strategic chokepoints inside the base’s main buildings to get the jump on your enemy, and work with your team to meticulously clear each room to achieve victory.

- Firebase Goddess
Firebase Goddess, nestled in the epicenter of a Thessian metropolis, is one of the last strongholds of asari resistance against the Reapers. With its circular layout, Firebase Goddess is a tough location to control. This arena combines heavy cover and elevated firing positions, so stay light on your feet.

New Weapons

- Harrier Assault Rifle

- Reegar Carbine Shotgun

- Krysae Sniper Rifle

New Map Objective
- Retrieval

Retrieve is a new objective added to Multiplayer through the Rebellion DLC. Valuable supplies are in the field and Operatives need to secure and bring the supplies to key locations on the map. Teamwork is very important in this objective because the supply carrier will be slowed down and unable to evade, covering the supply carrier and working as a team will ensure your success in this new objective type.