Thursday, May 10, 2012

Movie Review: The Avengers

The Avengers was awesome fun! I saw Iron Man 1& 2, Captain America and Thor...not a prerequisite for this movie but it certainly made a few instances in the movie easier to comprehend.
I sincerely hope Michael Bay was taking notes during the movie...
See Mike it is possible to have a movie where an entire city get's blown up with crazy action and amazing special effects AND still have awesome characters that are meaningful, intelligent, AND just as entertaining as the s'plosions and mayhem going on all around.
The Avengers acts as a sequel to the Captain America and Thor films from last year, I enjoyed both...Cap a little more. I was a bit leary of the Hulk as I still can't erase the memory of Ang Lee's Hulk movie from my brain but I was pleasantly surprised at how well Mark Ruffalo fit the role of Dr. Bruce Banner, and on that note the Incredible in this movie!
Yeah I know I said it....
Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark/IronMan was definitely the focal point & catalyst of the avengers, if I wasn't laughing at one of his nicknames for the rest of the team or off color remarks I was cheering him on while he talked smack to Loki or was just flying around Manhattan fighting the Chitauari or doing his best Superman impression...
Without Ironman we have a dude with a shield, a dude with a hammer, a dude with a bow and arrow, a chick with a hand gun and a hulk...
Don't get me wrong the other Avengers are no slouches and each shine on their own and are just as crucial a part of the Avengers dynamic. The movie does a superb job of showing us this how each member compliments and contrasts each other, how their individuality is a detriment and an asset to the Avenger initiative. That dynamic is so well demonstrated in the movie it feels genuine and is done better than any other comic book movie I've seen to date.
Chis Evans does a great job with Captain America, the Cap felt more grounded and believable and it was great  how Evan's shows that even though Captain America is the first Avenger he's still human and can be hurt.
Chris Hemsworth/Thor aka Legolas ;) also adds to the epicness of this movie by proving once again Thor's no homo! Love that shared moment in Grand Central Station with him and the Hulk!!!
Jeremy Renner was a good choice for Hawkeye and once he's freed from Loki's control reaffirms what Legolas and Katniss already know...anyone can shoot a gun but it takes mad skill to shoot a bow and arrow and still look cool doing it while shit is getting real all around you!
And Scarlett Johanessen....Black Widow could've been sitting on the  toilet on the helicarrier the whole movie and it'd still be amazing. Scarlett, YOU should've got the role of Selina Kyle/Cat woman in TDKR!
And lastly Sam Jackson,  your Nick Fury needs some work...go talk to Hasselhoff....just playin! I hope there's a an out take on the Blu Ray where you're on the bridge of the Helicarrier and say "That's IT! I've had it with these Mutha Fuckin Aliens on this Mutha Fuckin Planet!"
Last time we saw Loki (Tom Hiddleston), the villain from Thor, he was knocked off the rainbow road into oblivion...While floating in the void he must've found the Other some freakish cross between Darth Sidious and A Guillermo DelToro creature...nightmare fuel for younger kids in my opinion. Anywho there's villains that are  big and strong and physically menacing...usually not high scorers on the villain SAT's, then you get the cunning, devious, nefarious villains with an insatiable lust for power....that's Loki and Hiddleston has proven that he can be that type of villain in both the Thor and The Avengers movies.
The special effects in this movie are incredible and will look amazing on Bluray, NYC never looked so good while being trashed!
Lets be honest this could've been a tremendous train wreck! With 6 distinctive super heros with their own personalities/powers/origin stories etc., other franchises like X-Men and Spiderman (both 3rd) stumbled with the multiple hero's in one film approach
The Avengers is an awesome start to the summer and is a must see movie!