Sunday, November 27, 2011

Anime Matsuri 2012

Anime Matsuri focuses on the promotion of anime and Japanese culture and its related industries in a fun event for the entire family. 
Anime Matsuri also serves as a meeting place for members of the industry to connect with the fans and gather feedback on their products and services.
For the three day weekend, Anime Matsuri creates an atmosphere for talented artists, business leaders, ambitious students and many more who come together to express creative ideas and find solutions to industry questions.

 This year I opted not to post awful cos players vs pro's like Yaya Han...maybe next year ;)
I did notice on Yaya's site that she had colaborated with a Anime Matsuri and stars in a Resident Evil fan film titled Ada Rising (pic on left). Ada Rising will hit the interwebs on 12-13-11 on animematsuri .
I've never heard of this con before but all you crazy cos players  that go have fun and if there's any good (by good I mean attractive) Sheryl Nome cos players 

send me your pics so I can scrutinize them...and Yaya if you're reading this pls do a Lyn Minmay photo shoot!