Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Keyboard Cat Vs Overdramatic Pairie Dog


John Connor was right, a storm is coming...and it will decide the fate of a race....
In 2008 an interwebz phenomenon was born....The over dramatic Prairie dog, with unparalleled acting chops and the ability to emote better than Charlton Heston after discovering what those damn apes did to Lady Liberty! Over dramatic Prairie dog took the world by storm...
2009 began slow but thru the carnage one mammal rose up to challenge ODPD...that mammal was Keyboard Cat! KBC may not have the acting skills of ODPD but not since Beethoven has a mammal evoked such emotion from the ebony and ivory!
Free Swim has taken these two iterwebz prodigies and thrown them into our very own thunder dome! Two animals enter, one animal leaves!!! Rock the vote peeps (the poll is on the right hand side...so get to voting!)