Wednesday, June 3, 2009

E3 CastleVania Lords of Shadow

Better late than never! I've been saying since LOI that the CastleVania series needed to use the GOW engine, and from the looks of the trailer (which kicks all sorts of ass) the folks at Konoami realized it also. I don't care that they're blatantly copying Kratos' style as long as the games keeps faithful to the series, and from the glimpse we get in the trailer it apparently does. Another thing I'm glad to see go is the fey male lead, Gabriel Belmont is no saint and that's a good thing...everyone loves an antihero!
I have been waiting for a sucessor to the awesome throne that IMO SotN stil holds and LoS may be the one to take the throne. With Kojima lending a hand and Capt. Picard lending his vocals I have high hopes for CastleVania Lords of Shadow.